About UsRHINO CONNECT is a registered Non Profit Company that is pro-actively involved with projects that has real time conservation programs, who is in possession of white and black rhino populations on their conservancies and farms, protection zones and orphanages. We strive to connect the public with people that work honestly and tirelessly against the war on our wildlife, assisting in the day to day care of orphans, or the patrolling of fences and assisting the rhino owners in their needs – taking ownership of our inheritance, by supporting projects that has rhino.
In the light of the above and more specifically the fact that we in South Africa are the custodians of 90% of the rhino population worldwide, we need to take ownership and inform of the successes of those people who positively contribute towards rhino conservation.
Within Rhino Connect we have successfully hosted the #Renostermaan or #RhinoMoon weekends once a month for the last 18 months, during the full moon period, traditionally referred to as “poacher’s moon”. This entaild boots on the ground experiences, allowing the public to become directly and proactively involved with fence patrols, rhino monitoring and educational programs, all whilst working side by side with wild rhino on private reserves.

We have not only managed to give emotional support, but are also actively involved in connecting creation by:

• Monthly #Renostermaan events,
• Supporting private rhino owners
• Supplement feed in the drought aftermath
• Milk and supplements for young orphans
• Outsourced Security
• Security equipment – Seek Thermal;
• Medical emergencies for Veterinarian care – Rhino poaching victims in Limpopo & Mpumalanga, relocating of animals and emergency transport for orphans;
• Association with IVSA (International Veterinary Students Association) and SYMCO Veterinary Student Symposium
• Responsible and educated media coverage, we have in this year featured in local newspapers, Network24 – Landbou Weekblad and have our #Renostermaan program supported weekly by Pretoria FM and corporate sponsors.