Renostermaan Datums / Rhino Moon Dates – 2020

10 – 12 January
7 – 9 February
6 – 8 March
3 – 5 April
8 – 10 May
5 – 7 June
3 – 5 July
1 – 3 August
4 – 6 September
2 – 4 October
6 – 8 November
4 – 6 December


Our Vision is to Connect creation through preventative conservation – for rhino and those who directly protect them.


Our Mission is to convey our passion for our heritage – our endangered rhino – in such a manner that the success stories of great conservationist can be told within private rhino ownership, this is achieved by involving the public directly, giving first hand experiences and giving them the education tools to take ownership of our wildlife heritage.


Latest Blog Posts and Articles

Renostermaan Vrouemaand

Renostermaan… Ek was die eerste keer uitgenooi na ‘n Renostermaan (Vrouemaand, 2018), waar ek niemand geken het nie. Ons was ‘n klomp vroumense saam in die bos, na ‘n naweek is ons almal vriende daar weg! Ek kom as ‘n reel baie in die veld. Eks mal oor diere en buitelug, het nog altyd bosvakansies verkies. Die grootste verassing... Read More

The Night of the Apes

Patrolling in Africa, especially South Africa and the Limpopo Bushveld can be magical, but always has unexpected surprises, like one night, just around midnight when no one knew where to run. During full moon weekends, we as normal public members support private rhino owners in attending to their farms, helping with patrols, securing fence lines and monitoring their rhino. ... Read More

Story from Wild NPO: Rhino vs Elephant

This week we are kicking it off with an awesome sighting we have had in the last few weeks, involving the rhinos. This one was during our afternoon drive.  We’d checked for signal and it looks like the rhinos are all together or at least very close to each other. We get to the area to find old straight... Read More

Rhino Moon

I once had a very angry, but mostly very sad rhino owner phoning me.  A rhino calf has been butchered by poachers, but survived the ordeal.  The calf was being taken care of by his owners and very well experienced vets.  This rhino owner asked me, “What do you know of what we must go through, we don’t sleep... Read More

Shinkwe, The Rhino Cow

Sitting around a campfire, getting ready for a midnight patrol, a young boy of about 11 years asked me:  “What does Shinkwe mean?”   To get to my answer I must first explain how I and this young boy mutually agreed about the meaning. Around January 2016 a cow on this specific project of “Renostermaan” (Rhino Moon) was shot by... Read More

Dehorning – An Owner’s Story

As some of you know, our area has been plagued with numerous poaching undertakings these past few months.  In some cases these poachers have been successful and in others we have succeeded in interrupting their plans.  With every event we have been able to gather much needed information by working together with the community and other parties that share... Read More

Renostermaan tydens Vrouemaand – Augustus 2018

Wat ‘n ongelooglike ervaring om deel te wees van iets wat so groot impak op jou siel kan laat. ‘n Vriendin van my het my voorheen vertel van hulle ongelooflike ervaring tydens ‘n Renostermaan dat ek nie twee keer daaroor gedink het om te gaan toe sy my uitgenooi het na die Augustus Vrouemaan Renostermaan (wat ‘n mondvol, maar... Read More